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The Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA - www.liuna.org) is one of the most progressive and strongest unions in the country.  Over 500,00, LIUNA is the eighth largest labor organization in America, representing a skilled and diverse workforce.  Laborers are construction workers, government workers, health care providers, industrial employees, service workers, and educators.

The LIUNA Midwest Region (www.midwestlaborers.org) provides resources of the International Union to assist 75 Local Unions and 7 District Councils across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas  and South Dakota. Headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, the Midwest Regional Office administers a variety of programs to assist the Region's 58,000 Local Union members.

The Eastern Missouri Laborers' District Council (EMLDC) plays a vital role, as a part of the LIUNA Midwest Region. The EMLDC represents the eastern portion of Missouri, 9 Locals covering 62 counties plus the City of St. Louis, and has a membership of over 9,000.  The council’s core responsibility is to ensure a safe working environment, to deliver a skilled workforce, to ensure all labor laws are followed and is the lead negotiator for all Eastern Missouri Laborers' contracts.

The EMLDC also assists and promotes the union's three joint labor-management programs (Tri-Funds), the Laborers-AGC Education and Training Fund, the Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust, and the Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America.

Through the Laborers-AGC Education and Training Fund (www.laborers-highhill.org), EMLDC has a state-of-the-art training center that educates Laborers in basic and specialized construction skills.  The Training Center also administers the union's Apprenticeship Program for new members of the union.

The Eastern Missouri Laborers' District Council Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET - www.molecet.org) works with union-signatory construction contractors to promote the benefits of union construction and to increase the market share of union contractors.

The Midwest Region Laborers' Health and Safety Fund (www.mrlhsf.org) was created in 1999 to protect the health and welfare of Laborers.  Through education, training, and promotion of personal health and job safety, the Fund protects both contractors and members alike. The Midwest Region Organizing Committee (www.mrocnow.org), in conjunction with EMLDC, helps bring new members throughout eastern Missouri into the Laborers Union by assisting workers to achieve the benefits of collective bargaining and union representation.

The Missouri Foundation for Fair Contracting (MFFC) works to protect the interests of workers and contractors employed on publicly funded construction projects.  By monitoring these projects, the MFFC ensures that all applicable state and federal laws are enforced, creating a level playing field in the construction industry.


St. Louis Benefit Office

Laborers' Benefit Office

2357 59th Street
St. Louis MO 63110


Construction Industry Laborers Welfare/Pension Fund

Laborers' Benefit Office
3001 Metro Drive
Suite 500
Bloomington, MN 55425



Eastern Missouri Laborers District Council

Eastern Missouri Laborers District Council

3450 Hollenberg Drive
Bridgeton, MO 63044


Business Manager: Brandon Flinn

Secretary-Treasurer: Patrick Pryor

Laborers' AGC Training Center

Laborers' Training Center - High Hill

35 Opportunity Road
High Hill, MO 63350
Training Center Phone: 636.585.2391
Apprentice Phone: 636.585.1500